Drink Menu

   Original Cucumber Collins 8
A simple addition of freshly muddled cucumber perfects this new classic-8

   Mama's Moonshine 8
Fresh mint with strawberry moonshine & house made ginger lemonade

   Lavender Lace 8
Lavender champagne cocktail with a lavender infused sugar cube

   The Sazerac 8
Sazerac whiskey, perched bitters, served in a herb saint coated glass with a lemon twist

   Classic ,Strawberry or Blackberry Mojito 10
Classic Cuban cocktail, fresh blackberries or Strawberries, both or neither and mint, lime, rum, sugar and soda.

   Basil Lemonade 9
Cucumber, Lemon and Basil muddled and topped with vodka and house made lemonade

   Southern Bella 8
Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Angostura Bitters and house made cherry cola.

   Ruthie's Rum Punch 7
Coconut rum & tropical juices with a Bacardi 151 finish


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